Given the growing impact of European regulations on food safety, monitoring the transportation of perishable goods has become important now more than ever before.

Thermo King’s TracKing is a web based product using GPRS and GPS technology allowing you to monitor your refrigerated cargo whenever you want, wherever your fleet is.

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Real time fleet data at your fingertips!

Manage refrigerated units remotely via TracKing
You can monitor real time temperature data on the Tracking website ensuring cargo safety. Track your entire Thermo King fleet:
• Set point
• Return air
• Discharge air
• Datalogger sensors
• Power status
For continued peace of mind and operational efficiency manage:
• Alarms
• Fuel levels
• Operating modes
• Battery voltage
• Electric & engine running hours
• Door openings

Additional Benefits

2-way interaction with your Thermo King unit
To reduce the risk of load loss and to better manage your refrigerated fleet you can interact with your Thermo King unit from the TracKing website:
• Change unit set point
• Initiate defrost
• Initiate pre-trip
• Clear unit alarms
• Change unit mode of operation:
• Continuous Run
• Cycle Sentry
(Depending on the controller and type of connection, some of the above listed functions may not be available)
These options are accessible at the administrator level on the website and can be activated based on your communication contract type.• Easy data download via the web
Download your datalogger remotely over the air no matter where your vehicle is located. You no longer have to wait for your vehicles to come back to the depot if you want to access historical temperature data. You can perform a full download of your DAS, SR-2 CargoWatch and TKDL dataloggers.• Easy to set up and operate
It is easy to set up your fleets and configure your temperature monitoring and reporting needs on the TracKing website. With a given user name and password you can access your information on Multiple levels of user access to the website allows you to protect your data and enforce accountability.• Large Thermo King dealer network
In case of a service emergency, find the closest Thermo King dealer on a map who will provide you support of the highest quality.• Improved security with GPS location tracking and Geo-fencing

Track your whole fleet on a Google map. Know where your trailers and drivers are at all times:
• Trailer location
• Arrival and departure data by trailer
• Speed
• Unauthorized movement after hours
• Re-play trailer journeys
• Multilingual website
The TracKing website is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Finnish, Russian, with many more languages to come.
• Valuable reports
• Temperature reports and graphs
• Alarm history
• Location & speed
• 2-way communication history
• Current fleet report
• Unit operations history
• Geo-fencing report• Your data is secure
If your trailer is out of GPRS coverage, the TracKing box stores all the data and transmits it when the coverage is re-established, keeping your data safe.

• Real time alarms
TracKing alerts you on the website as well as via SMS and E-mail if you have a real time alarm on your trailer whether they are temperature or unit alarms, door openings, low fuel levels or geo-fencing alarms.
• Compatibility
TracKing is compatible with all Thermo King diesel truck and trailer controllers and all three Thermo King dataloggers TKDL, DAS and CargoWatch, all of which are compliant with European standard EN12830.

• Communication Contract
For a flat monthly fee you can choose a contract that best fits your business needs. Access to the TracKing website as well as customer support is included in the contract.

Product Characteristics:
• Operating Voltage Range (12v nominal) 9-30volts
• Operating Current (Sleep Mode) 15mA
• Internal Back-up Battery Provided 800mAH
• Positioning GPS 12 channel receiver (25 meters cep)
• CE marked and approved

• RF Communications Interface:

  1. GSM/GPRS 900/1800 or 850/1900
  2. Class 4 (2W @ 850/900MHz)
  3. Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900 MHz)

• Short Message Service:

  1. Point to point MT and MO
  2. GPRS Class 2 or Class 10

• SIM 3V

• Serial Communications Interface: 2 X RS-232 ports 19,200 Baud

• Size: 185mm X 115mm X 35mm
• Weight: 530g
• Environmental: IP65
• Temperature: -25° C to +70° C

  • Wireless CargoLink
  • TM
  • Door Sensors
  • CargoWatch
  • TM
  • Air Temperature Sensors
  • CargoWatch
  • TM
  • Food Safe Temperature Sensor
  • DAS
  • TouchPrint
  • CargoPrint
For more information use the form below or call 540-966-1960.

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